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No Attorney-Client Relationship Is Created by Reading These Tips

1.) Homeschools are considered “private schools.” We are not subject to compulsory attendance requirements. This also means that we are NOT required to follow the ISD schedule. If you choose not to; however, and something comes up with your ex, I suggest that you have a schedule that would not impeded on any of the time he would have under your current court order. Alternatively, if you have a positive relationship, work out a schedule together.
2.) Your curriculum has to be in writing or video. You can use audio to supplement.
3.) You are not required to do standardized testing. I, however, recommend it if you want to know where your child is considered to be by state standards or if your child will be transferring to an institutional school setting. I would also recommend it for special programs that he may be able to get into only with a standardized test score.