Collaborative and University Model Schools

Collaborative schools have a two to three-day class week. Parents teach the other days.

Trinity Classical

In their words:

Our collaborative education model features on-campus classes two days per week, with at-home learning occurring on the alternate days. Students, with the involvement and guidance of their parents, develop strong study skills and superior academic credentials. Collaborative education integrates the best of private Christian schooling and home schooling into one hybrid model. Students spend two class days per week on campus with a professional teacher. Students receive at-home assignments for the other days, to be completed with guidance from their parents. Pre-K home day lessons are optional.

The St. Constantine School

In their words:

The Saint Constantine School provides classical, Christian education so that our students will grow in wisdom, virtue, and joy. The Saint Constantine School is dedicated to providing a comprehensive formational education in harmony with the Eastern Orthodox Church. Guided by a commitment to the timeless traditions of the Christian Church, mind, and worldview, The Saint Constantine School shall endeavor to educate students for the Church, the city of Houston, the United States, and the world.

The Academy at Houston Baptist University

In their words:

At Houston Baptist University, we have a vision for education that starts well before a student graduates high school. Too often, students come to college unprepared, immature, and about to incur great debt.  Many get lost on the way and don’t get to university at all. Through The Academy at Houston Baptist University, we seek to solve these problems. At its heart, The Academy is a center for a new kind of educational model.

Logos Preparatory Academy

In their words:

A University-Model® School (UMS) is a blend of the most positive aspects from traditional public and private schools as well as home schools, to give elementary through high school a highly successful, college-preparatory education, set in a Christian environment. The key is professional classroom instruction partnered with caring parenting at home.

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